Titles of thesis work

Undergraduate Project Topics for Thesis Work (last updated: 12/04/2017)

1. Interrogation of spinal dorsal horn circuits with electrophysiological and optogenetic tools

Supervisors: Dr. Péter Szücs, Dr. Miklós Sivadó

2. Local synaptic connections of projection neurons in spinal lamina I

Supervisors: Dr. Péter Szücs, Dr. Miklós Sivadó

3. Light- and elctron microscopy level analysis of the axons and axon collaterals of spinal lamina I projection neurons

Supervisors: Dr. Péter Szücs, Éva Kókai

4. Morphometric analysis of excitatory and inhibitory interneurons in the spinal dorsal horn

Supervisors: Dr. Péter Szücs, Éva Kókai

5. Possible applications of morphofunctional matrices for classification of neurons (computer modelling)

Supervisor: Dr. Ervin Wolf

6. Three-dimensional reconstruction of thalamocortical axons in the primary somatosensory cortex of rats

Supervisor: Dr. Zoltan Kisvarday

7. Mapping of synapses on dendrites of GABAergic neuron subtypes in the cerebral cortex

Supervisor: Dr. Petra Talapka

8. Investigation of contour integration processing in the primary visual cortex using voltage sensitive dye imaging

Supervisor: Dr. Zoltan Kisvarday

9. Role of PACAP signalling in cartilage differentiation and regeneration

Supervisor: Dr. Tamás Juhász

10. The role of the molecular clock in healthy and osteoarthritic chondrocytes

Supervisor: Dr. Csaba Matta

11. Investigation of signalling mechanisms that regulate cartilage development and maturation

Supervisor: Dr. Róza Zákány

12. Role of pro-inflammatory cytokines in neuron-glia interaction during inflammatory pain states

Supervisor: Dr. Krisztina Holló

13. Investigation of neuronal network development in the spinal cord

Supervisor: Dr. Zoltán Mészár

14. Quantitative morphological studies of primary afferent-motoneuron

connections in the frog's brainstem.

Supervisor: Dr. András Birinyi

15. The role of astrocytes in spinal pain processing

Supervisor: Dr. Zoltán Hegyi

16. The endocannabinoid-mediated modulation of spinal nociception

Supervisor: Dr. Zoltán Hegyi

17. The role of the extracellular matrix in the regeneration of the nervous system

Supervisor: Dr. Klára Matesz

18. Regeneration of the vestibular system in the rat

Supervisors: Dr. Botond Gaál and Dr. Éva Rácz

19. Regeneration of the optic nerve in the frog

Supervisor: Dr. Botond Gaál

20. Extracellular matrix molecules in the motor nuclei of the eye in the mouse

Supervisor: Dr. Botond Gaál

21. Distribution of the extracellular matrix in the red nucleus and pararubral area

Supervisor: Dr. Éva Rácz

22. Expression of extarcellular matrix molecules in the olfactory system of the rat

Supervisors: Dr. Klára Matesz and Andrea Hunyadi

23. Extracellular matrix in the developing brain stem

Supervisor: Dr. Ildikó Wéber